Thinking Pink - My Top Picks.


 Growing up I was never one for anything too blushing. Dolls went pretty much untouched (I still have the boxed Barbie dolls as testament) and I always selected to have my room painted blues or purples. 

However over the last few years I have some to find plenty of pink toned products I love.
In honour of spring here is a selection of my favourites. 

A blush and highlight in one these powders are finely milled and the classic ambient powders are swirled with pigmented rose tones. This gives a fresh faced pop of colour even on the slightly gloomier spring days.

For those that like a lighter coverage foundation with a hydrating and glowing finish this one is for you. Build-able and super bendable it sits on the skin to a dewy finish. Beautifully hydrating and long lasting to boot.

Peonies are my absolute favourite flower, I carried them at my wedding last year, the L'Occitane eau de cologne offering features this fragrance which combines my favourite flower with soft white musk and fresh greenery notes to create a stunning spring fragrance. 

Created in collaboration with Youtuber Kathleen Lights (who if you are not subscribed to... why?!) this trio covers 3 of Colourpop's best finishes. A beautiful glossy nude which I wear almost daily for a touch of something special. A satin matte, comfortable to wear all day with high pigment pay off and a matte liquid lipstick to see you through even the longest party. 

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