Anastasia Beverly Hills - Moonchild Highlighting Palette


Often in the world of beauty there are products that catch your attention even though they are broadly unpractical.
The Anastasia Moon Child highlighting palette was no exception. Filled with 6 stunning highlighters that range from a brilliant white to lavender. 

These highlights have some of the most unique colour shifts I've ever seen. 

Blue Ice leads the palette and is a brilliant bright white with a ice blue shift in the light. This makes a beautiful inner corner highlight and really does open the eye unlike any other highlight I personally own. 
Moonstone is really unique, in the pan it looks almost certain to be silver but on the skin it shifts from platinum to a mint green in different lighting.

Purple Horseshoe is not unique on the market in terms of its colour, the Sleek Solstice Palette (£9.99 from Boots) has one that could of passed as a dupe but the Anastasia offering has a strong blue shift that the Sleek one lacks and appears much cooler in tone when worn on the skin. 

Lucky Clover is one of my favourites in the palette, it has a softer more day-time wearable finish which leans warmer although a stronger hand and it will display a clover green shift so apply to cheekbones with care!

Blue Moon is almost the same colour as the packaging, a very cool blue with a shimmering silver reflect.

This palette is beautiful, from the reflective packaging to the unique highlighters contained within I prefer to use this as an eye shadow topper or to brighten the inner corner, if you have a particularly green look add a touch of Lucky-Clover to bring a unique unexpected and almost 'playful' look.

This palette offers a really nice chance to play with colours you might not usually, to experiment out of your comfort zone with subtle colour shifts.

It also lends itself well to any costume makeup that involves being a unicorn or mermaid.. which according to the world of Tumblr.. some people are on the daily.

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