Zoeva - Coca Blend Palette


I picked this up from Beauty Bay on a bit of a whim, I saw a the beautiful Kathleen Lights use this in a tutorial (side note, if you aren't following her on Youtube you really should be).

As palettes go its pretty affordable the only restriction you may have is that it goes in and out of stock a lot on Beauty Bay but considering you get 10 stunning, wearable, highly pigmented and fantastic quality eyeshadows for less than £20 that doesn't surprise me.

Bitter Start is the classic white of the palette. Matte in finish this is great as an under brow or inner corner highlight.

Sweeter End is a beautiful lilac-type colour, this doesn't look like much in the pan in my opinion and is by no means the usual type of shadow I go for, but when put on the lid this has a gorgeous soft shimmery look and is fantastic when paired with Warm Notes.

Warm Notes is a stunning cranberry type colour, it reminds me greatly of Mac Cranberry eyeshadow and has a strong metallic finish. At first glance putting three purple based tones in a palette of mainly warm toned browns and golds seems almost odd, but I use warm notes much more than I thought I would. Its amazing for adding additional warmth and depth to pretty much all the other shadows in the palette.

Subtle Blend is one of my absolute favourites of the entire palette. Its a gold-brown shade thats quite deep in colour but with a high gold/metallic finish, beautiful in the crease or I often wear this as an all over lid shade.

Beans are White is a great colour for adding a smoke to any look, a matte brown/black it also works really nicely smudged along the lash line.

Pure Ganache if you've ever read or heard about this palette before I imagine you're tired of hearing about this shade. Its a highly pigmented true metallic finish gold. Perfect all over the lid alone for something really soft during the day or as an interesting inner corner highlight.

Substitute for Love is a warm camel like colour, similar to freshly toasted but with less red. I love using this through my crease to help transition between shades, but also lovely worn alone. Matte in finish.

Freshly Toasted - I love this shadow. To the point where I want to wear it all over my face, Seriously. The most perfect matte red - brown you can imagine. I've never been one to wear just matte eyeshadows all over the lid but I just do with this. It creates a gorgeous soft smokey warm eye so easily.

Infusion is in my opinion the most glitter heavy of the offering, although a large number of the shadows are metallic in finish this has outright visible glitter.
I haven't got much use out of this shade, for a smokey look I would lean towards Beans are White but another versatile shade none the less.

Delicate Acidity is a deep cooler toned sister to Warm Notes. Again purple in finish and far more purple than Warm Notes which leans quite red, but it adds a really subtle sheen of colour when used to smoke and blend out through the crease.

From Left; Pure Ganache, Freshly Toasted, Subtle Blend.

My absolute go-to look for this palette is freshly toasted blended all over the lid and under the lower lash line. A little 90's perhaps but perfect for autumn.

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