Winter Skin Care - Hydration Heroes


When you have dry skin (as I do) winter comes with its own struggles in terms of skincare.
Not only is my skin dry its sensitive to certain moisturisers, the wrong one can break my skin out or suddenly make it go the other way and leave a nasty film of oil on my face.

I have tried and tested many serums, oils, moisturisers and masks in order to try and combat the dryness that only gets worse in winter and I thought id share some of my personal skincare loves.

If you know me its no secret I absolutely LOVE Liz Earle skincare, its my go to fail safe brand and I trust it more than most when it comes to looking after my face.
So, naturally I have to include my top hydration based product from them - in the form of a mask.

I personally find masks that hydrate hard to come by, there are endless offers in the drugstore for anti blemish or deep cleansing but very few that offer a replenishing moisturising benefit.

Although Liz Earle wouldn't be a 'typical' drugstore product (it doesn't particularly have the price point to match that title) you can pick the range up in larger Boots stores and online so its easy to come by.

This mask is light and very easy to apply, its not particularly thick and dries down to a milky-clear finish.

This is perfect for a quick 10-15 minute pamper or, if you want to really indulge your skin I love wearing this overnight which was advised to me by the Liz Earle consultant as being totally fine.

It is lightly scented, the description lists it as having a rose/geranium scent which I would agree with but I personally find it calming and a really nice way to end my skincare routine.

This is a recent addition to my routine and I'm really enjoying it so far.
It still seems odd to me that adding oil to your face can be good for it, so often we are taught that oil is bad, it will give you spots and clog up your pores.

However, there is a fine art between your skin having too much oil and just enough to maintain a healthy skin balance and this product helps you do just that.

Its packed with 8 essential oils; Lavender, Romarin, Geranium, Rose, Camomile, Orange and Lavadin. 

Personally I hate lavender so I was a little concerned when I noticed this had not only Lavender but its close cousin Lavadin as two of its oils but the smell is light, warm and very soothing.

The nice thing about the oils contained is that many of them have calming properties which makes this again, a perfect way to end your routine before bed.

This is actually aimed at mature skin that needs a little help but is suitable for all skin types - yes even oily.

I generally use 3-4 drops each evening and pat it into my face and neck and wake up with soft and rejuvenated skin.

At the £20 mark its not the most expensive oil on the market either, its comparable to the Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate in terms of feel and smell but at £42.75 for a similar sized equivalent this is a great option for those looking for something more than a serum.

Nuxe Creme Fraiche de Beaute £25 (full sized 50ml).
I went abroad recently for a friends Hen do, and when flying and alcohol mix with already dry skin it makes everything all the worse. 
I had packed a whole selection of samples that I had lying around and had 3 sachets of this with me.
I decided to give this a go over a couple of days and my skin drank it up.

Another gorgeous luxe product that is incredibly light on the skin with a subtle soothing scent this really did see me through being in the sun.

It comes in two formulations; one for normal and one for dry skin, personally I used the normal skin version and found it works wonderfully but I think the dry skin version would be perfect for somebody looking for something slight heavier to really look after parched skin.

I then found a wonderful Nuxe travel set in a local pharmacy when I was in Spain and purchased it because it had some other products I hadn't tried from the brand, and noticed there was a duluxe sample size of the moisturiser inside.

 Id really recommend this set if you are new to Nuxe skincare as it contains a fantastic selection of their most loved products.

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