The Balm - Nude'Tude Palette


Id not really heard of the brand 'The Balm' until earlier this year when this palette seemed to be all over Youtube. Bloggers all over the place were reviewing it and voicing their opinions.

I actually didn't buy this palette, I got it in a Cohorted Beauty Box (Septembers I believe) but I knew exactly what it was right away.

I've managed to get a surprising amount of use out of this palette so far, I didn't know if I would reach for it over other nude themed palettes I own but with 12 very different shades from very light to deep it has such a varied selection thats perfect as a one stop shop for loads of eye looks.

From Left; Sassy, Stubborn, Snobby, Stand-Offish.

The first four shades are some great neutrals which are great for a quick all over natural wash of colour or for transition shades in the crease.

Sassy is about the whitest eyeshadow i've ever owned, if you want a serious under-brow highlight you can't go wrong with this, as with the other shades pictured its not matte and definitely has a finely milled shimmer that looks quite strong in the pan but when worn or swatched dulls down to a more satin finish.

Stubborn is one of my favourite shades in the palettes offering, a pretty pink/brown neutral that looks lovely alone, although this is one of the shadows with the least pigmentation in my opinion and its worth pairing this with a good primer for best results.

Snobby is a really unusual shade, its not like anything i've got in any other palettes or single eyeshadows I own but i'm not sure if thats a good thing... its certainly quite yellow when worn but looks more cream/gold in the pan.

Stand-offish Another one of my favourites from the light neutral selection and looks really nice with stubborn, this has the most shimmer out of the whole palette.

From Left; Selfish, Sultry, Sophisticated, Seductive

Selfish  is a gorgeous grey/brown which is perfect for a soft smokey everyday eye which is exactly how I use it. It has a subtle shimmer but doesn't come off chunky or glittery so is great all over the lid.

Sultry A warm brown shade that works fantastically as a crease or transition colour when working with warm toned reds or deeper browns.

Sophisticated A slightly darker brown with a slight gold shimmer running through, this works great with Selfish for adding a bit more depth to a smokey eye if you want to take it from day to evening.

Seductive Another warm brown tone which has a little more gold than Sultry, this is one of my least favourite shades. Personally if I want to wear a gold shadow, I will go for something akin to actual gold in finish and colour.

From Left; Sexy, Silly, Sleek, Serious

Sexy is my absolute favourite in the entire palette, its a beautiful warm purple/brown that blends like a dream, I love wearing this alone and blending it out around the crease and under my eye for a super quick evening look.
Its such an unusual shade of purple/red and reminds me of a more matte version of Mac Sketch eyeshadow.

Silly doesn't have the best pigmentation of the bunch, in the pan it looks like a dark brown with gold shimmer but when swatched its a lighter brown that you would expect and has the most visible glitter of all the shades - but I don't dislike it, its a lovely colour just don't expect it to be the same as in the pan.

Sleek looks exactly like it does in pan, a very rich and deep matte brown shade, amazing for using as an eyeliner with a slightly damp angled brush or all over the lid alone. It also makes for a classic smokey eye look but is a great alternative to straight up black.

Serious is the classic staple of any neutral palette in my opinion, its very soft buttery true black which packs a punch in terms of pigmentation. As many ultra pigmented black shadows you can expect a little fall out so I usually apply this before the rest of my face makeup or at least certainly before my under eye concealer but its nothing a good quality primer wouldn't be able to help with.

Overall this palette is a good option to go for if you want a huge mix of shadows (12 in the palette) which will allow you to create lots of different looks, it has 4 true matte, 1 glitter and id say 7 that are more shimmer/satin finish it gives you a good selection of finishes too.

 The price point isn't too surprising either, I would say the quality is on par with some of the Urban Decay palettes I own so if you don't want to splurge quite as much but want to indulge in something moderately high end you may well enjoy this palette. 

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