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Although we are heading into winter where matte skin is king I love a hydrating, dewy finish foundations all year round.

Matte foundations generally make my skin feel tight and sit in any particularly dry areas so I do tend to avoid them where I can.

I've tried to select some more affordable products but they are genuinely ones I love and that I repurchase over and over (Particularly the Loreal True Match)

My all time favourite drugstore/affordable foundation. They recently changed the bottle and supposedly the formula but if i'm honest I really can't tell the difference to the original version and the bottle redesign is really slim and fits in my makeup bag easier which I appreciate.

This has a gorgeous medium but build-able finish that sits wonderfully on a dryer skin type.
It has a lovely radiance to it that makes my skin look fresh and dewy but not 'too much', it powders down to a soft glowy look but I often don't add powder at all.

Even though this foundation has been out for some time it's been a more recent addition to my foundation rotation and I absolutely love it.

This has far more glow to it than the rest of the selection pictured in my opinion and can almost look a little 'wet' when applied - a dry skin suffers dream in my opinion.

The coverage is slightly more sheer so it works really nicely for days my skin looks okay already and that I feel like I only need a little all over coverage.

In all honesty I like to think of this sort of like a slightly more pigmented BB cream and has a gel like consistency.

Another bonus is their lightest shade is one of the palest drugstore foundations I've tried so if you're very fair you may find a good match for you here.

An oldy-but-a-goody. The Bourjois Healthy Mix is kind of like the 'original' wake me up foundation. 
Consistency wise they have a very similar and again has an almost 'gel' like feel with a sheer-er coverage than the others shown.

The colour selection isn't quite as good as the Wake Me Up option and I tend to use this more in the summer as their lightest shade is still a touch too dark for most days (although if I really spend my time blending it I can get away with it).

Not going to lie this was an absolute splurge product.
I actually wanted to purchase Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua  but for some reason the shade range of that foundation was a bit off and their lightest shade looked very pink.

This foundation is more yellow toned than its aqua sister and felt like a better shade match.
I was a bit concerned this would be a bit matte for me and it is certainly the most matte in finish of those photographed and it may even be the most matte foundation I actually own.

The coverage of this is surprisingly good, similar to the Loreal True Match in terms of build ability.
I find however, this never ever clings to dry patches on my skin and has a lovely satin like finish.
Its one of the more expensive foundations I've purchased so I only use it on days when I want to wear something a little more 'special' but its worth the investment if you have a drier skin type and you want a finish that leans more matte than dewy.

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