Lets Talk Brows ; How I Fill In & Maintain My Brows.


*Photos in this post have been edited to increase visibility of the product and show a clearer step by step guide*

In the most non arrogant way I can say it, one of the most common beauty questions I get is how I fill in my brows, so I thought id answer it. You'll be relieved to know theres no high end product in sight.

I use, the ever so affordable Natural Collection eyeshadow which is priced at the not so bank breaking £1.99.. I have used this particular shadow on my brows for at least 5 years, I've switched in between, used specific 'brow kits' including the much loved Benefit kit only to come back.

I use the shade Crushed Walnut, which is a perfect warm matte brown shade, if you don't have brows as naturally dark as mine I'd suggest looking for a matte based shadow within the range as they have absolutely loads.

I use a small angled brush from Barry M, I've had this probably longer than I care to remember and the one I've linked isn't exactly the same but I do recall paying around the £3 mark for it so I think it may just be the same brush in new colours.

I suggest using a small angled brush because it gives you the most control, I can't really overload it with product and I can do small light strokes which is the key to getting a more natural looking brow.

Here is my naked natural eyebrow, I maintain the shape with at home plucking; lots of people ask me where is best locally to me to get their brows done and I honestly don't know, I've never paid to have them groomed or had anybody else touch them.
My top tips for at home plucking is to use a spoolie, this are super cheap and you can pick them up just about anywhere, brush the hairs upwards and pluck anything that doesn't fall in line.
Do the same brushing the hair downwards and anything that stays looking out of place at the top, remove.

I start by dabbing my brush into the top of the colour, I tap off any excess - always.
I then run the brush on the under side of my brows, following my natural shape.

I tend to focus shape around the bottom, this works best for me and I try and concentrate colour on the bottom also, focusing on building colour towards the arch and body of the eyebrow.

I then do the same on top, but with a slightly lighter hand, I often start to map out the shape of my arch tail here, using really light strokes.
Sometimes I won't go back into the eyeshadow to pick up more colour between steps 1 and 2 to keep the colour distribution light but if you do tap off any excess in between.

I do usually go in and pick up some more colour at this point, I turn the brush on the side to create a flat 'square' finish but I don't place the colour down on the front of my eyebrow as it creates a harsher square shape.

Instead I place colour down just before this and blend it back through the main body, I sweep my brush (still in its square shape) over the front almost at the end when there is very little colour on the brush to make sure I have a softer finish.

I take a spoolie and brush through my brows quite a few times to help with blending,

Finally I use a tinted brow gel (currently the Maybelline Brow Drama in Medium Brown) through the brows brushing upwards. I really recommend this particular brow gel, it adds a nice finishing touch and keeps everything in place all day but if you don't want to add any additional colour I suggest a clear mascara or brow gel lightly run through to keep everything neat!

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