Elizabeth Arden - Pure Finish Radiant Bronzing Powder


Over the last few months I've become less frightened of bronzers, as someone who is quite fair often they lean far too orange or muddy for my complexion and that has really put me off them in the past.

I've begun to open up to bronzers a little more and one of my latest purchases with this gorgeous Elizabeth Arden offering, this retails at £26 but I managed to pick up mine from TK Maxx for a much more respectable £12. 

This first thing that struck me about this product was the gorgeous packaging, the glossy gold casing is hard wearing and feels very luxurious. The flower detailing is pulled through from the box to the case and then onto the powder itself and this is one of the nicest things about this product. I personally like products that obviously work and do their job but I love products that look good whilst doing it and this is one of those. 

This bronzer is very shimmery, I personally love that, its filled with a finely milled 'glow' that really makes the complexion pop and makes it the perfect bronzer to be swept all over the face. Its not really ideal for contouring due to the shimmery nature of the finish but really perks up the skin particularly as its getting colder when most people find they lose the luminosity of their skin.

Do you like shimmery bronzers? Do you ditch the bronzer in winter or keep it all year round?

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