Barry M - Raspberry 340

Last year I self confessed that I was obsessed with Models Own 'Magenta Pearl' for autumn.
This year I went on the hunt for a red, I have plenty of 'reds' in my collection but they are either very very dark reds (almost purple) or bright primary orange/reds. Nothing seemed to fit what I wanted in a nail colour. I wanted a bright red which was slightly deeper than the ones I owned but not enough to be considered purple. 

Enter the Barry M Nail Paint in Raspberry. I knelt on the floor of my local superdrug for at least 10 minutes deciding if this was the 'one' I was looking for before deciding to purchase it, and I'm so happy I did.

I'm very 'into' the Barry M Nail Paints at the moment, I love the little glass bottles and think the formula is lovely, smooth and very pigmented. Raspberry is all those things, I do two coats but could easily get away with one due to the aforementioned pigmentation.

I've been wearing this colour on my nails obsessively for at least a month. Ive tried to branch into other colours for a day or two but always end up putting this one back on. 

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Nic Nac Noo said...

I love this for Xmas..


Becky Smith said...

This is a lovely shade! I only have some Barry M nail varnish's that I inherited from my mum's friend's daughter but I'd definitely consider buying some shades myself

Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty