Stila - In the light Eyeshadow Palette


Stila - In The Light eyeshadow palette - £25 from Harvey Nichols

Seldom has there been a palette that's been so on the beauty blogger radar - with perhaps the exception of the very notable Naked Palettes by Urban Decay the Stila 'In the Light' palette has been raved about on countless Youtube Videos and blogs with pretty much everybody singing its praises and at £25 the palette falls at just over £10 cheaper than the Naked palette so its no wonder it became a blogger favourite quickly.

I went into my local branch of Harvey Nichols in Manchester in search of a new palette and quickly settled on this, its available from other outlets such as some Boots branches and other department stores but for some reason I like to keep my mid-high end beauty splurges to department stores such as Harvey Nichols, perhaps its because the shopping experience feels a little nicer if your purchase is put in a lovely clean cardboard bag rather than the thin little Boots bags.. but thats another story.

The palette itself is very generous boasting ten stunning high pigmented shades in a mixture of matte and shimmery finishes and includes a smudge stick eyeliner in Damsel and considering that the smudge sticks retail at around £13 individually I think you're getting a really good deal on this little set. The smudge stick you get is in the shade 'Damsel' which is a stunning rich deep creamy brown and makes a really nice change from a black liner.

The top five colours has a pretty range of nude-brown colours featuring a very versatile cream shade called 'Bare' (which is so close to my skin tone it was hard to photograph!) this works so well as a highlight shade or just as a natural base. Also featured along the first five is two further matte finish shades 'Bliss' & 'Sandstone' which are both perfect for adding depth to a soft day look. The five is finished with two shimmer finish shades 'Kitten' & 'Sunset'. Kitten has got to possibly be my favourite shadow of them all, its just so stunning and amazing for the inner corners of the eye, it also works beautifully with a small brush used as a highlighter over the cheekbones. Sandstone is a rich golden-brown which is very flattering in all lights.

The bottom five leans towards the darker spectrum of shadows that make up this palette with one definite matte shade 'Ebony' being a very pigmented true black. Of the other four I would say 'Night Sky', 'Luster' and 'Gilded gold' almost sparkle in the pans but finish with a sheen slightly less shimmery than the final shade of the bottom five 'Bubbly' which is a beautiful golden champagne colour which works really well with 'Kitten' on the lid.

All of these shadows have a few things in common - they literally glide onto the lid and are buttery soft to the touch, they are also highly pigmented and very wearable.

Out of all the 'In the..' mixes that Stila have offered up this may be the most wearable, its a very transitional palette that can easily take you from day to night.. from work to play and makes a great gift for the upcoming holiday season or if you fancy giving yourself a little gift to wow at those seasonal parties.

Have you tried the Stila 'In The Light' palette? Or have you found  a great dupe for this?  

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