My Favourite Autumn Lipsticks


I'm a huge lipstick fan and I wanted to compile a list of my favourite lipsticks for the new season as I can tell from the leaves crunching beneath my feet we 'ain't in summer no more'..

Rimmel Moisture Renew: Rose Shimmer
The Moisture Renew lipsticks are a bit of a recent discovery of mine, I can suffer from dry lips and this formula works really well to help ease that 'dry-lipstick' effect you can get with other lipsticks but allows me to wear a nice colour without worrying about over drying. I can't seem to find this colour on the Boots website and I also had a little look in store, I actually picked this up at Fragrance Direct which is a pretty awesome website if you haven't found it yet! It offers all sorts of great brands at really low prices - particularly beauty products so really its a bloggers dream! Rose Shimmer is a glossy finish light pink which just gives a really..'juicy' (for want of a better word!) look to the lips, it makes them look fuller and natural too.

Rimmel Moisture Renew: Nottingham Nude
This is a shade that has been blogged about quite a bit recently, I've seen it crop up in a few Youtube Videos too so I apologize if this is a product you're sick of hearing about but I had to add my two cents. I don't wear nude lipstick, I'm very pale so they generally make me end up looking deathly and generally have never suited me, I purchased this on a whim again from Fragrance Direct and I have to say its absolutely stunning. Its just a very flattering pink-nude that just gives a really classic look to the lip, its highly pigmented and really adds a 'dressed up' feel to your makeup.

Nivea: Berry Charms
Berry Charms is a deep red with a glossy finish, I believe this is discontinued and I found this in Poundland of all places but there are plenty available on Ebay from as little as £2.50! I'm a huge fan of red lipstick, I remember the first lipstick I purchased was a very true brick red Miss Sporty offering when I was about 16 and I wore it religiously. I had been looking for a darker cherry red for autumn and when I found this I was absolutely smitten, the finish is glossy so it looks amazing for a night out or for dressing up a daytime look.

Rimmel Kate Moss: 07
The darkest of my autumn quad of lipsticks and it looks almost black in the tube but is actually a deep purple hue when applied. This was quite a brave choice for me, I love black lipstick and have worn it occasionally just when I was feeling brave, I've even worn deep purple-red lipsticks (like one of my favourites the sadly discontinued Topshop Vamp!) but a lipstick thats so true purple is quite the new adventure for me. This is just such a stunning shade for the colder months, with a satin like finish thats got a lovely sheen without being too glossy this just throws a seriously vampy vibe on to your day!

Do you have any favourite lipsticks for the colder months? Do you prefer dark or light lip colours?

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