Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayons - NEW AUTUMN SHADES


                                         Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayons - £7.99 each 

Its no secret I LOVE these crayons, I raved about them when they launched back in the summer (post HERE) and when I got wind that they had released two new shades fresh for A/W I practically ran to my nearest Boots. On the Boots Website these are listed as 'Prune' and 'Rouge' but If we are going from the tubes Bourjois have given the names 'Red Island' and 'Plum Russian'.

I instantly fell in love with Plum Russian, its a deep wintery berry shade and very pigmented (like all the colour boot crayons) but this seems a little more pigmented overall, this is the darkest of the shade range and would suit all complexions, moisturizing and glossy in finish with a SPF of 15 to boot (something that's important even in winter!). Red Island is a deeper more true red colour boost than the previous red offering 'Red sunrise' which was definitely more on the pink side of the 'red' spectrum, it leans a beautiful deep classic red without the commitment of a lipstick.

I think these are the perfect way to explore a darker lip, particularly in the colder months when going in and out of warm rooms inside and cold air outside which drys out your skin including your lips these give a very moisturizing alternative to a lipstick which may only serve to highlight any dryness. They also look lovely in the evening if you're going out to eat or for drinks when a lipstick seems to get everywhere these fade in a much more natural way and actually leave a nice stain to the lips if you don't want to reapply them throughout the day.

Have you tried the new colour additions to the colour boost range? What do you think? Do you prefer a lighter lip product in winter or do you stick with a classic lipstick?

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