The Body Shop - Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter


The Body Shop - Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter - £12

I was told this was new in when I popped into the Body Shop Store nearest me, I didn't realise quite how new as it seems to be missing from their online store, so I'm sorry I cannot provide a link for those who want to purchase this online but its £12 in store and they have a lovely range of skincare products in this range.

This is a stunning, super light butter to oil cleanser. Very light in fragrance but it has enough of a camomile edge to make it very relaxing (and massaging the butter/oil into the skin is pretty relaxing too!).
You work this by massaging it into dry skin to pull away imperfections, daily makeup and dirt. It starts as a solid 'butter' (think Body Shop's body butters but harder) and quickly softens to an oil. 

I'd never tried any oil cleansers before, and frankly they scare me a little.. adding ...oil... to the skin... it goes against everything every beauty magazine has ever told me - spots? It means you have too much oil on your skin. Blackheads? you need to cleanse your face, oh and excess oil. Not to mention the barrage of oil free products that claim to work far better than those containing oils. I have totally bought into that hype, although I have dry skin I'm very sensitive to oils, acids and fragrances and can have allergic reactions to most typical cleansers and scrubs which so many people swear by. I have also been an absolutely dedicated fan of Liz Earle's blogger favourite Hot Cloth Cleanse & Polish  which has been my personal favourite way of removing my makeup for a long time now.

Alas however, with no local Liz Earle counter near me, I have been forced to seek other options and this was what I fell upon. I can safely say I have not had an allergic reaction to this and its been working beautifully for me, the smell is light and comforting and the formula is stunning.

Have you tried any products from The Body Shop's camomile range? What do you think of oil cleansers?

On a secondary note, The Body Shop is fast becoming one of my favourite brands, its cruelty free and supports the fantastic charity The Teenage Cancer Trust which is one of my favourite charities, you can find out all about The Body Shop's involvement with them here.

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