Life Update in photos.


1. Adding more blonde through my hair. 2. Skins Rise aired here in the UK. 3. Me and my friend Emma. 4. Youtube! 5. Blackpool Dungeons. 6.Giving blood.

1. Adding more blonde to my hair.
I decided to go back and add some blonde to my hair, its been a slow process and I'm still not quite finished but I'm giving my hair some time between processing so it can recover a little! I decided I wanted to go entirely lighter with my hair and used a colour remover to take out the dark brown I did have, using a mid toned brunette dye to give a pretty natural base and then have been adding slices of blonde through the tips and front of my hair.

2.Skins Rise - In January I had the pleasure of spending the day working on Skins Rise. It finally aired recently here in the UK and I managed to spot myself a few times! It was such a fun experience and I really enjoyed working on a show that I'd watched for such a long time!

3. This is my friend Emma, we went out for drinks and took a quick snap!

4. Youtube, I recently started a Youtube channel and I have another video in the process of being edited, its quite a learning curve for me but I'm really enjoying it so far!

5. Blackpool Dungeon. For christmas my boyfriends dad got us Annual Merlin Passes which has been one of the best gifts ever! We decided to pay a visit to Blackpool dungeons which was awesome! I've been to Hamburg Dungeons and we also went to the London dungeons a few months ago and they have all been different, really interesting and a delight for a bit of a history geek like myself!

6. Donating blood. I donated blood in July too, I think its really important to donate if you can, as you never know who may need blood next, its could a friend or family member who relies on the always under-stocked levels of blood we have so I think its nice to donate. The process is super quick and easy and hardly hurts at all!

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