Topshop Lipstick - Hazard


Hazard is a very true deep red with a creamy and moisturizing finish. The shade looks deeper before being worn and sits as quite a bright red shade but without leaning too coral or pink.

I really like Topshop lipsticks, I think their colour pigmentation is high with a reasonable price tag, they have a wide range of shades and variations of lip products from lipsticks to tints.

Considering Topshop makeup is relatively 'new' on the beauty scene the quality of their products is high in my opinion, imitates other, more premium and high end makeup brands.

The packaging is very recognisable and keeps pretty well on the most part, although I have found that the outer layer of the lipstick tubes chips away over time but have yet to find the same for other Topshop Makeup products I own.

Do you like Topshop lipsticks?

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