The Snugg - IPad 2 Case


Its the season where most people feel like updating their look, a new hairstyle or new clothes are usually a given in summer and why should that not reach to your personal possessions too? Since I've had my IPad 2 I've always had a shiny red case on it, nothing too fancy, easy and it was quite cheap from Amazon. It had just come to the end of its lifetime when the lovely people at The Snugg contacted me and offered me a chance to select an item from their great range of IPad cases it seemed like fate and after deliberation I decided on this baby blue case. It has an automatic wake and sleep function when I open the case up and is really sturdy, the leather is soft but strong and easy to clean too. The colour range for this particular case is great with a bright orange and even a lovely fresh baby pink.

The case folds up to create a stand which I love and the IPad itself is secured in with a small and strong velcro seal so that it doesn't slide out no matter which way you use your IPad (something I have found is a real pain with other IPad cases!)

The delivery process was fast and easy too!
Do you have an IPad? What kind of cases do you like to use?

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