H&M Liquid Eyeshadows - ''Copper & Gold''


H&M Liquid Eyeshadows - ''Copper and Gold'' - £1.99 Each.

Recently I was in H&M Liverpool shopping with a friend and right by the counter I saw these two little liquid eyeshadows and knew I had to pick them up. Theres three shades all together, a Gold, Bronze-Copper and a Silver. I decided to pick up the Gold and Copper because I wear these colours most on my eyes.

I don't usually rate liquid eyeshadows, I find they don't usually last very long even with a primer so I've never particularly invested in them, but these were so pretty, shimmer and most of all cheap that I thought why not?

At £1.99 each these certainly don't break the bank and are available at most H&M stores. 

I really liked both these eyeshadows, they glide on smoothly and are easy to blend and work well with powdered eyeshadows too. The Gold shade is a very yellow gold, while still very pretty because I'm quite pale I have to use it sparingly as it can look a little too yellow on my skin tone but on a deeper or warmer toned skin would look incredible. The Copper shade really is my favourite, its a very soft but well pigmented true copper shade, with golden shimmer running through it.

These have a lovely sheen when worn, and don't look too 'glittery' too which I also highly rate.

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