Elizabeth Arden - Rose Illumination - Pure Finish Highlighter


I love using shimmery highlighters in the summer, because I'm quite fair I try and avoid the sun as I don't want to damage my skin, (usually i'm working or doing university work so I don't have much time to sunbathe anyway!) so I tend to swap my blush for bronzer in the summer and use highlighters to add a little 'glow' to my skin. I actually picked this highlighter up in TK Maxx where I would always recommend looking as they have all sorts of nice beauty products in and you can find some real gems occasionally - which I would consider this to be - and I saved a little on the RRP only paying £12.99 for my highlighter too!

Rose Illumination is a dusty pink golden highlighter that is very light but easy to build too, the finish is very soft and not glittery. It definitely adds radiance and perks up the skin, the soft rose colour also adds a tiny bit of colour which works very well on my skin tone. I think personally this will sit better on the fairer skinned of us and may look a little too 'gold' on some (unless you like that kind of thing) but for me personally it gives a beautiful soft focused sheen to my skin!

They also had a bronzer in the store when I found this, although I didn't purchase it I may have to go back and see if its still there after falling in love with this highlighter!

I'm also planning a little giveaway for my 100th post (which is soon!) what kind of giveaways do you like?

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