Real Techniques Core Collection


(from left to right : Buffing Brush, Contour Brush, Pointed Foundation Brush and the Detailer Brush)

A beauty blogger favourite I finally got my hands on the Real Techniques Core Collection for my birthday in January and having given them a proper try out I think now I can blog them properly.

I've always used a bit of a mish-mash of brushes, I've had ones from Topshop, H&M and Bare Escenctuals  and these have lasted me just fine, I still have some of my Bare Escenctuals brushes that I got in a 'starter kit' when I was in my teens and they are only now starting to look a little worn. 

The Real Techniques core collection includes four brushes all designed to help you create a flawless base. It includes a: Pointed Foundation Brush, Buffing Brush, Contour Brush and detailer brush. 

Pointed Foundation Brush: This brush is small and has a tapered finish towards the tip, personally I haven't found this lends itself to being suitable for applying foundation all over the skin but its really great for blending out liquid under eye concealer or applying small amount of extra coverage in places you need it. Perfect for smartening up and covering blemishes and dark areas.

Detailer Brush: A really diverse brush that can be used from anything to eyeliner, lip liner or adding other fine details this brush is small and soft, the handle is very slim which matches the width of the fibers which can make it a little difficult to get the hang of using to begin with but allows great control when applying things like lipliner or eyeliner. I like to use this to blend the lines between a pencil lipliner and a lipstick and for smudging my eyeliner if I want too.

Contour Brush: Although tipped specifically for contouring this brush is again really diverse, its really nice for adding power highlighters to the face as its got quite a small head size. I also like to use this to add small amounts of powder to any shine on my face because I think it works really well at giving you product where you need and keeping the rest of the area around free from product, this lends itself really well to powders as I think an over matte face isn't very summery I've been using this more and more.

Buffing Brush: My favourite brush of the collection it has a medium/large head thats soft but sturdy with a flat finish on the top. This brush works really well with liquid or cream products and I love using this to apply my foundation as this helps me blend out anything really well. This can also be used to blend out powered products or to expel lines and literally 'buff' the product into a natural finish. I usually use this in a slight stippling motion and then buff my foundation in with quick circular strokes. 

All of these brushes are very nice, its my first Real Techniques brush collection and I'm eager to expand them more. They clean really easily and because they have a lighter end to the fibre you can see when your brushes are not clean, they also come in a really nice and handy carry case which is great for travelling.

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