Dove - Beauty Cream Bar


I fully appreciate that this is not a 'usual' beauty post.. its a bar of soap.. how much can one have to say about a bar of soap.. But I must say, I adore the Dove Beauty Cream Bars.

If you read my blog you will know my skin is quite sensitive to oils and it can be difficult for me to find shower gels or things of that nature that don't seem to disagree with my skin. So one day, feeling frustrated and browsing around I was trying to think of a wash that I could use frequently without drying my skin out and so I suddenly thought of the brand Dove.

I love Dove, I love the smell of it, the classic Dove smell is my absolute favourite and these have that in bundles, and are cheap, cheap, cheap! They have moisturising properties in the bars so that really helps not to irritate my skin and leave it feeling soft and clean.

I just think they are great for overnight bags too, small and they come in individually wrapped boxes they are perfect for popping in my wash bag and have no likelihood of spilling like a shower gel could.

I think soaps are a bit retro, and a bit out of fashion now. No longer common place next to a bathroom sink and having been replaced with gel pumps a while ago in most homes I think the humble soap need not be forgotten about, particularly with lovely gentle, cheap and classic ones like this about.

Do you still use a classic soap? 

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