What I got for my 21st birthday.


I can't say I really enjoy 'bragging posts', and this blog has never particularly focused on 'luxury products' and has always fallen more on the high-street-student-on-a-budget side of things but I couldn't resist doing a little post on what I got for my 21st - which was at the end of JANUARY but I also got a new camera and I wanted to wait until I had my new camera to start blogging again as the old one was really no longer up to the job!

Without further interruption here is what I got for my birthday...

I went into the Manchester Exchange branch of Louis Vuitton with no real intention of coming out with a classic bag (a Speedy) but when I saw this more updated version (Speedy B) with the cross body strap I instantly wanted it. I had gone in looking for a shoulder/cross body bag and thats exactly what I got.

I also chose the original canvas print - Damier Ebene. Many people think the also iconic and classic Monogram print is the original but it is not, Damier Ebene came first as as such a classic bag I thought it only made sense to have it in a classic print. The darker leather is also easier to care for than the white vachetta that comes with Monogram printed bags.

I selected the smallest size the 25 after trying both the 25 and 30 size on I simply found the 25 to be an ideal size for me and it really does carry lots of stuff due to its shape! The only think I've not been able to fit in it so far is my Ipad 2... well I can fit it in, but it doesn't zip up!

Overall I'm very happy with my first experience buying a luxury handbag, the store was lovely (as they always are - I'm a sucker for a good retail concept and high class customer service!) and I even had it heat stamped with my initials which is a service Louis Vuitton offer for free on many of their goods. I thought it added a nice personal touch that hinted upon the luggage style lettering that adorned the original trunks.

Have you ever purchased a high end luxury good? What was your experience like?

* For the sake of clarity this product was a gift to me from family for my 21st birthday*

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