Balenciaga - Florabotanica


Firstly, a huge happy valentines to everybody. I think today is a good day to post about my current favourite fragrance as today is one of the days a year where women (and men) might recieved a purfume as a gift.
I first smelt this in an issue of Vogue UK, where there was a small sample, I smelt it and thought ''oh thats nice''. Steadily over the course of the evening I began to go back to sniff the sample more and more. I knew I had to have it.
I would describe this scent as a 'moody floral'. Previously I have always worn 'Alien - Thierry Mugler' as I personally prefer quite heady scents but I found SO many people were wearing it so I definately needed a change! The fragrance contains amber and even mint!
Have you tried Florabotanica? Do you have a signature scent? 

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