Premier Model Skin - Created by MONU - Blemish Treatment & Radiance Balm


I've decided that my main goal is to get really healthy skin. I've always cleansed my face and used basic drugstore cleansers, toners and moisturisers and never really paid much attention to high end or more expensive skincare because I have always had other interests in the beauty world. In one of my favourite beauty bargain haunts (TK MAXX) I recently found myself being drawn to the skincare section over and over, looking at all the products and wondering if I should pick some up to try out. I noticed these two sitting way down on the third shelf in bright red boxes so I picked them up. I wasn't aware that Premier Models had ever developed a skincare range and I hadn't seen any reviews or posts about it either. I have a somewhat bad habit of looking for reviews on products before I buy them, particularly as skincare hasn't been something I've invested much interest in, I couldn't find many reviews which put me off slightly as I wondered if these were skincare products that either hadn't ever gotten 'off the ground' or if they were just plain bad..  I did however know of the brand MONU who created the range in partnership with Premier Models and I was intrigued to say the least.

The Radiance Balm retails for around £26.25 for 50 ml which is okay in the big world of premium skincare but definitely more than I would spend on a product that I didn't know 'worked' for me. I spent about £7.99 on this in TK Maxx which I felt was reasonable and a really great price for me to be able to try the brand out. The Blemish Treatment retails at £16.25 for 15ml, again, for 15ml this is kind of on the more expensive side but I got this for £6.99 so I felt much more comfortable having a little splurge on myself that way!

The product comes in a 50ml full size pump bottle and you can see how much product you have used which I really like as I like to know when I'm close to running out of something! It can be applied in two ways, as a quick all over moisturiser or, applying a slightly thicker layer to be left for 15 mins for a more intense treatment. It contains Sodium hyaluronate to 'plump' the skin and glycerin and vitamin E soften to soften and give the skin some nourishment. The scent this has can be quite overpowering, it's a very fresh scent that really reminds me of the kind of orange you get in chocolates.. I have just read that it also contains 'sweet orange essential oils' so thats probably why! As i've mentioned before, my skin is quite dry, its been really thirsty the last few weeks now autumn is well and truly upon us, alongside the fact I've been a bit sick so my skin was really in need of some TLC. It sinks in really quickly and adds a nice base to apply makeup on top of. It hasn't made me break out at all which is usually a problem for me with moisturising skin care products so thats a bonus. My only slight niggle is that it doesn't appear to have any SPF, I know that the SPF in facial products isn't very strong but I always feel slightly better if they do contain some kind of protection. 

This product full size is 15ml, which isn't huge but pretty standard for a blemish treatment in my experience. It again comes in a pump bottle where you can see how much of the product you have used. It has a very.. unusual smell, its kind of clinical and plant like. I didn't really like it at first but now it doesn't bother me so much. It comes out as a mix between a liquid and a gel, its quite sticky but easy to spread around, I tend to use my fingers as I feel a sponge would absorb the product too much. The day after I used this the first time, I did notice a definite difference in the tone of my skin and noticed that some of the blemishes I did have were really reduced in redness and were not at all irritated by the product. I was really happy. I continued to use a mix of both this and the Radiance Balm twice a day (morning and night) and I have found myself getting on really well with them, however, I find the Blemish treatment quite drying so I have stepped it down to every other day to see how my skin copes with that. The Blemish treatment contains Witch Hazel and Salicylic acid which are both great antibacterial agents.

I really enjoyed my recent venture into a more premium skincare range, I think both these products are brilliant. I'm not sold on the radiance balm being work almost £30... but I think it would make my christmas or birthday list and be used as a treat as its very luxurious. 

Have you ever tried the Premier Models skin care range by MONU?

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