Lush - ''Jackie Oates'' Skin supplement/pigment


I went into Lush when I was looking around for give-away inspiration, I mainly went in to look at the other items that they had branched out into such as their lovely colour pigments. As always, I was greeted and got chatting to a very knowledgeable member of staff who encouraged me to try out and look at pretty much everything cosmetic Lush had to offer. I really enjoy shopping at Lush, I always find the staff really passionate and great with their product knowledge, if you haven't shopped in store with Lush before to be prepared to be bombarded. It can seem a little 'hard sell' but its 9 times out of 10 just because they are passionate about the products they sell and really do believe in the ethos behind the brand too.

Jackie Oates is a skin supplement designed to be mixed with your daily moisturiser to create a blend of the two suited to your skins needs - so if you like a sheer coverage add more moisturiser, for a heavier finish add more Jackie Oates skin Supplement. I think this is a good idea, there are some days I don't really like to have such a heavy coverage and days I do so its good that you can adjust this yourself without the need for multiple products. 

The shade Jackie Oates is the lightest in the skin supplement range and is suited to ''fairer folk and English roses'. Its surprisingly thick in the pot and I wouldn't feel great about putting it onto my skin without moisturiser as its quite heavy, there are two things that put me off this product though, firstly the smell. It smells kind of like playdough. Which isnt a terrible smell, but its not really something I want to put on my face. Secondly, whilst on one hand I think the screw top glass pot is good because you don't get the dreaded 'but I know there's more product in there but this stupid pump wont get it' kind of anger I get when I get to the end of a foundation but it does kind of scream to me germs. I feel that sticking my fingers into the pot each day is just asking for bacteria and the such to sneak their way into the jar.

The coverage of the product is good, it blurs imperfections well and does match my skin tone too. Its vegetarian friendly but not vegan because it contains honey. This doesn't really bother me as I'm not vegan but I wonder how many vegan customers Lush have that feel put off by the fact they cant buy this in their shade (assuming Jackie Oates if their shade of course).  

Have you tried any of the Lush skin supplements?

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