Kate Moss - Matte Lipsticks - 101 - Review


The second post from the lipstick collection! I've photographed them all now, I've just been a bit under the weather so I haven't felt much like sitting up at my computer blogging.

101 is a stunning shade, really it is. Its the prettiest blush pink. Like all the Kate Moss Matte lipsticks it does have a matte finish, but a sheen to it too, so it doesn't feel drying. I've found the staying power of this range pretty incredible. They last all day without much need to top up unless you're eating or something.

My only slight note it that they do tend to stain your lips, which can be a good or bad thing I suppose. If I wear these all night when I'm out and have staining the next day, I find adding a balm and then a light gloss is sufficient to give me a lovely 'daytime' wash of colour!

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