Kate Moss Matte Collection - ''Kiss Of Life - 111'' - Review


Kate Moss Matte Lipsticks - 111 ''Kiss Of Life'' - Rimmel.

I thought I would start with this one as its the only one with a name, strangely enough, all the other lipsticks from the collection are identified only by number so this one felt a little like the odd one out! Kiss Of Life is a stunning classic red. All the lipsticks have a scent to them it kind of reminds me parma violets (the purple sweet that you get in party bags and the such) which I loved as a kid! Its a bit sweeter though. The swatches shown here are one stroke of colour so you can see its intensely pigmented. The formula is matte but doesn't feel drying or chalky, rather it feels quite light and has a 'sheen' to it. Its very pretty!

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