Hello.. Have I seen you before?


Hello, hello hello... I'm a terrible blogger, there you go, I said it. This being a bad blogger business has however made me a very good student.. choices, choices. I will admit, over the last two weeks or so, I've been practically living in my university library. I've had three projects running simultaneously, whilst thats not really unusual for me, I've been really dedicated to pushing the best marks I can out of myself so unfortunately blogging has taken a bit of a back seat! I do however have a little bit of 'down time' between submissions... (sort of) so I'm going to make sure this week I get some photos of the pile (yes there is a pile) of products I've got here to review and show you all. My nail polish obsession is continuing, so a number of them might be swatches and posts about them, but I always figure nail polishes are an easy way to enter the beauty world as they are so accessible. I have lots of posts about Lipsticks coming up too! From a variety of brands, plus some other little bits and bobs! I've started a whole new skincare regime, Its going really well so far (I'm around a week in) and I will be doing a really good post about that too!

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