Have I found the perfect autumn nail polish?


I swear this is the prettiest nail polish ever. It was a bit of a recent splurge where I found 3 Models Own polishes for £7.99 in TK MAXX. I got 'Magenta Pearl', 'Pray' and 'Copper Pot'. I wasn't initially overly excited about this colour, I mainly wanted 'Copper Pot' and 'Pray', but for some reason I decided to put this one on for a few days and I absolutely fell in love with it. The consitency can be a little 'thick' which is fine for me because I have a bad habit of putting on really thick layers of polish, it dries very quickly. The colour itself is kind of like a metallic purple/pink with a pink shimmer through it. Its quite a bright colour in a strange way. Sometimes it seems quite dark, but in direct sunlight or under the beaming lights of my university library (where I am currently taking a break from my project to write this post from) it appears as if the polish has 'come alive' and is very vibrant.

I just think its a beautiful shade, its rich and quite dark so lends itself well to autum.
It dries to a mega high shine, which I've really been 'into' recently, I would like to try more of the 'Pearl' collection from Models Own due to liking this one so much!

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