TIGI Bed Head - Sugar Dust


This product is one that has been sat in my box of yet-to-be-used products for quite some time. This is actually a sample size of the product, I got it from a beauty box some months ago (possible Feel Unique or GlossyBox) and I did use it a little but I found it really hard to get to grips with. The product itself is a very light 'mist' of snow like particles that you shake onto your roots to absorb oil and give lift, It has a very unusual texture, it seems almost too light to be actually doing anything but once you start working the product in you can feel it. It has an odd feel to it in my hair which is partially the reason I don't really rate this product very highly, its kind of like an oily/waxy/dusty like residue which is left on the areas it has been used. It does absorb oil fairly well so its okay between washes but I just hated the way it made my hair feel. I didn't notice any extra volume coming from this product though.
Overall its a fine product if for whatever reason I want to freshen up my hair between washes but its not something I would rush out to buy again! I always hear good things about Bed Head products so it's disheartening to me to not really enjoy this.

Have you tried Tigi's sugar dust? What did you think about it? 

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