Revlon Nail Enamels - Poundland finds.


As I mentioned in my Mini Poundland Haul Post I recently picked up two new Revlon nail enamels from Poundland. I picked up the shades ''Sunshine Sparkle'' and ''Endless Possibilities''

Sunshine Sparkle is a really lovely pastel yellow colour with very fine silvery shimmer running through it (which you can still slightly see once applied). It takes around 3 coats to get the colour payoff that you see in the bottle but its really worth the drying time and waiting. Its a really pretty and wearable colour. I would say its a colour more suited to spring time but I had to pick it up as I don't have a yellow in my nail polish collection and this was so pretty.

Endless Possibilities is a lovely fresh nude-pink with gold shimmer running through it though you can't really see once its dry though I think it helps to make the polish have a mega glossy finish. I really like this nail polish, the colour is absolutely divine and could really by worn for any occasion. This along with my Nails Inc Basil Street this makes a lovely office colour.

I had to stop myself from purchasing two more Revlon nail enamels today in Poundland when I popped in to find a cutlery tidy for my new flat, I have a feeling I might be walking back though as there was a delightful cornflour blue I can't quite get out of my mind. I think Revlon has changed their packaging which is why Poundland and other stores that stock items at similarly low prices are getting so many of their products in which means I can hopefully build a really nice collection of their products quickly for very little money!

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