Poundland finds.


I love Poundland. Yep, thats right, LOVE IT. I once thought Poundland was the place to go to get cheap cinema sweets (which I still do) but I had seen on a few other blogs that people had made great Poundland finds recently, particularly of the brand STILA. I was obsessed with the idea of landing my hands on such a brand at such a bargain price. Alas though, despite my frequent searches of my local branch they only have the sponge applicators and a power which is drastically too dark. I am hoping the branch near my university will have some more of the range in stock (I plan to make a trip there in the next few days after I move into my new flat tomorrow). I have however found all these lovely items in store (of course for a mere £1).
I'm quite impressed at the Revlon stock recently, these nail polishes are both really lovely, the bottles are nice too - I feel like you get a lot of product in them. The lipgloss is absolutely divine on, its a lovely pinky coral colour that's really flattering and I think it would be nice on any skin tone.

I'm going to be doing a full review on each of these products over the next week so keep an eye out for that!
Have you visited Poundland recently?

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