Money Supermarket - #PassionForFashion - Casual, First Date, Outdoors, Office and Party.


I was recently contacted by Money Supermarket with an invitation to take part in their #PassionForFashion contest where bloggers are asked to create five different looks - Casual, First Date, Party, Work and Outdoors. Each outfit should come in at under £200 including all bags, shoes ect. There are then winners - one for each category and then one overall winner who will win £1000 and an Ipad 3!

So here is my take on the under £200 challenge!
Casual - Trend - ''Autumnal colours''
Outfit Total - £165.00
I absolutely love this wine blazer from Topshop, I thought adding in a touch of deep red which is set to be a big colour this A/W mixed in with some pieces taken from summer trends such as the Camel jeans from Oasis works really well to make this a nice seaonal transition look. I originally selected jeans from Topshop but they were almost twice the price than these Oasis versions for literally exactly the same jeans!

First date - Trend - Romantic
1. Blue Dress/ 2. Pink T-Bar Pumps/ 3. Pastel Pink Clutch/ 4. Baby Pink Frill Socks/ 5. Candy Bracelet
Outfit Total - £89.50
I wanted to focus on the romantic pastel trend that is still going to be around for the upcoming season, I selected this main dress from Topshop which is currently on sale (yay) for a mere £20! Its been reduced quite heavily too! Topshop always do lovely sales on their dresses when the seasons change so I like to keep an eye out for that! I got some Topshop vouchers for christmas last year and I brought two wonderful dresses that both originally retailed at around the £50 mark each!

Party - Trend - Metallics
1. Grey Wrap Playsuit/ 2. Dark Grey Drop Earrings/ 3. Studded Flatforms/ 4. Blue Beaded Clutch
Outfit Total - £109
Metallics are always popular in winter so I always think having some key pieces in your wardrobe for this is a good idea. This LOVE wrap around playsuit is really perfect, they are well known for doing this item in loads of colours and have featured in many different bloggers 'outfit of the day' posts so there are loads of ways to wear it if you want to use it during the day too, maybe teaming it with the blazer shown in the 'work' look below and with some nice woolen tights would make this a good casual day look too!
Outdoors - Trend - Opulent Fabrics 
Outfit Total - £167.00
I actually have this exact coat in navy which I brought in my first year at university! I brought it when Topshop was having a 20% day for students so I saved money there but its lasted me every winter since and I love it very much! The collar on mine is detachable which is nice because it can dramatically change the look of the coat very quickly if you get a little bored of the faux fur. I also absolutely love the red bucket bag, its such a 'carry-all' item that it can be used over and over again.

Work - Trend - Peplum
Outfit Total - £126.50
My final look is for work. I've never really had to dress in 'office' attire so I kept it quite simple. A black blazer is a really multi-functional piece which can be used to smarten up a whole host of outfits. the same goes for the black heels, they will go with pretty much anything day or night so you can use them over and over. I think the dress is really pretty, I will admit I haven't been a huge fan of peplum shaped items but they have been thrown at me so forcefully by the highstreet towards the end of summer they have started to grow on me! They show no signs of going away over the next few months so I think its about time I invest in some items! 

What will you be wearing this upcoming season? Do you think its important to shop around for items that are maybe the same or similar than others that are more expensive, or do you remain brand loyal?

Whilst all these Items are more 'budget' buys I thought the small paragraph beneath the rules of the contest was really interesting - 

"Most people generally take large items into consideration for their contents insurance e.g. expensive electrical goods and furniture, but many fail to think about the value of their clothes, shoes and other accessories, and how much it could cost to replace them should the entire contents of a wardrobe be damaged."
"For those with luxury clothing items, or lucky enough to have designer handbags and shoes, there may be some that need to be specially noted on a policy in order for a claim to be made for them. Remember - You will probably be asked to prove that you really did have 2 pairs of Louboutins and a Louis Vuitton hand bag, so do keep receipts for them in a safe place." Hannah Jones - Home Insurance Manager
I don't really have the need to insure my personal wardrobe, although I would be upset if things were damaged in anyway I'm strictly more highstreet and things can be replaced quite easily, my mum however has a much more expensive wardrobe than mine and to her its vital to protect her investment in the pieces that she owns. Do you have insurance to protect your wardrobe? 

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