Lasting Perfection Concealer - Collection (2000)


A blogger favourite, this concealer has got more reviews on the internet than there are cat videos on Youtube. (*might not be a correct statistic but you get the point) I have seen countless reviews and recommendations on this product for months, and so, in the interests if research, I decided to give it a whirl.

I have always used Collection (2000)'s stick concealer. Its cheap at just £1.99, doesn't seem to dry out my skin or make me break out. It's been a fail safe for me for years now. So I'm always unsure about trying a new product when I like the old one so much! This retails at around £4, which isn't expensive but obviously isnt as cheap as £1.99, so on one hand I didn't want to love it just because its an extra £3 I have to spend when I run out. I've never really gotten on well with 'liquid' concealers, I find them hard to blend, they almost always leave a 'water line' where for some reason the product doesn't want to blend. So all in all, I wasn't really expecting anything ground breaking.

However, after trying this product I can definitely see why people love it, its creamy and gives great coverage. Its quality is on par with products in a much higher price range. The shade I used here was 'fair' as you can see its still slightly darker than my skin tone on my arm, but my face is slightly darker so it does blend well. I usually don't buy into products that claim to last a certain amount of hours, however this really does stay on all day. My only slight issue with it is that its quite drying, I have dry skin anyway but I seem to find this has made it slightly worse where I have used it, this is not something that can't be solved with some extra moisturiser though!

Have you tried this much hyped about product?

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