How to - Make nail polishes look pastel.


How to make your nail polishes have a 'pastel' look: A few days ago I was painting my nails with Models Own ''Jade Stone'' (seen in the bottom of the first image). I really like this polish, I think its a lovely colour but I wanted to make it a little lighter, have more of a ''soft'' pastel look. So I went hunting in my nail polishes and found a basic pink/white usually used in french manicures, the brand I used was Bourjois very manicure range but I think any milky pink/white would do for this. I used just a coat of this over my Models Own Jade Stone nailpolish and It instantly lightened the colour just a shade or two to give a really lovely 'more-pastel' finish. So I figured I would do a little post showing some of the other effects I have gotten using the same technique. The other Polishes shown here are ''Sophie Pink'' & ''Balearic Cool'' also my Models Own. You can vary the colour by adding more or less of the sheer polish over the top, for ''Sophies Pink'' I used only one coat but because ''Balearic Cool'' is so bright I used two.

Have you ever used this technique to get 'pastel' nails? Or do you use other ways of making the colours mute down?

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