Dermalogica - Total Eye Care SPF15


A sample I have had forever. I got this when I subscribed to Glamour Magazine along with a whole bunch of Dermalogia  products. I never really thought to use it until a few weeks ago. I wanted something moisturising for under my eyes (really my whole eye area) that I could pop on before I went to sleep. It has since made its way into my morning routine too. 
I suffer with dark circles under my eyes, I think they are genetic really as my younger sister also has darkness under her eyes and she is only young (though maybe its her endless energy/staying up too late!). I also really struggle with sleep, particularly when I'm away at university. I wake up a lot during the night and I struggle to get to sleep too, so generally I'm quite tired which doesn't really help the whole bags-under-my-eyes scenario. This product is absolutely fantastic at making me look like I've had much more sleep than I actually have. Its slightly tinted though It seems to dry clear It adds a little 'boost' of colour (in my opinion anyway) to the under eye area. It also tones, brightens, moisturisers, tightens and has a nice finish that seems to radiate light. I have actually found I use less under eye concealer when I'm wearing this (yesterday I actually wore none!) It's just really a beautiful product. I also feel like it helps my eyeshadow to stay on longer and gives a nicer finish.

It does have its cons though, its really quite pricey. For 15ml £37 is really quite steep but I would think I would buy it again to be honest. For me its absolutely perfect, it sinks in quickly and really helps with my under eye bags personally. I would be tempted to try other highstreet alternatives to see if maybe there are products out there that are similar and save this for special occasions or for when I feel like I want to pamper myself.

Have you ever tried Dermalogica's Total Eye Care?

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