Clean & Clear - Morning Energy Skin Brightening Moisturiser


The final purchase of my ''Mini Poundland Haul'' post. I had a little look online at some review of this after I purchased it (do you ever do that, I constantly do it!) and lots of people said the only wait it 'brightened' their skin was with lots of glitter. I would have to say I don't agree with that. The moisturiser certainly has a 'shimmer' to it, but I wouldn't say it was glittery. Rather, it has a kind of sheen that makes my skin look really healthy even under makeup. I have quite dry skin, but as I've mentioned before its really sensitive to oils in products, particularly moisturisers so I always stay on the side of caution when purchasing a new one. I thought I would be safe with a moisturiser from a brand that predominately aids blemish prone skin, I figured this would have less oils in it despite the bottle not actually saying it was 'oil free' - I was correct in my thoughts. This moisturiser sinks in really quickly and doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky or leave that horrible ''something-sat-on-the-surface'' kind of feeling. I can literally put two pumps all over my face minutes before my makeup and it's already sunk in. It has a pleasant lemon kind of smell, but its quite a creamy scent too (kind of like lemon cheesecake in my opinion) so its nice in the morning but light enough for evening too.

I actually really like this moisturiser, the fact I only paid a mere £1 for it is also a massive bonus as I don't think I would've ever picked it up in somewhere like Boots as I'm so cautious of moisturisers, I would however pay full price for this if I couldn't find it in Poundland again.

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