August Blog of the month.


*screen shot of Water Painted Dreams, Pink animals added by me.

Having been blogging on Betsy Boat for around a month or so now I thought I would share a 'blog of the month' with you! My absolutely most loved blog this month has to be 'Water Painted Dreams' written by the lovely Hayley.
Hayley has really been so lovely to me since I started blogging, she always leaves interesting and positive comments and takes the time to read my posts which I really appreciate. Her blog is also really rather wonderful. Its a really great mix of lifestyle and beauty which I personally love as it makes her feel much more like a 'real person' to me. I also really like looking at the pictures she posts, her shots of products are always really lovely and give a true to real life image of the product. Her lifestyle photography is always nice too, I enjoy looking and reading through her blog and I think you would too!

*Disclaimer* I appreciate every comment, page view and message I am sent, I do not think any less of any of your blogs I just particuarly enjoyed Hayley's content recently.

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