Annick Goutal Paris - 'Mandragore'


*at current exchange rate 05/09/2012

Mandragore is a really interesting scent. I've had this sample bottle for quite some time, It's a generous sample too, plenty for a good few months wear. Its been sat in its chunky glass bottle on both my shelves at university and has travelled with me home over the summer, I used a few sprays of it when I first got it but It has remained behind my usual choice of fragrance ('Alien' by Thierry Mugler incase you're wondering). Its a very unusual scent, its quite masculine and spicy. 

I'm not wonderfully good at explaining scents so I'll let the Annick Goutal website do it for me, they say that Mandragore is  - 

''A vibrant and bewitching fragrance where the freshness of bergamot, star anise and peppermint mingles with the strength of ginger, boxwood, and sage. The iris root, ciste and labdanum intensify the impression of mystery of this sensual secret perfume''

I personally really dislike ginger so I was surprised to see it on the list of scents within the perfume as I hadn't actually picked up on it! In fact I cant really say any of these scents 'stood out' in this overall, instead they all mingle together to create quite a fresh spicy scent which I have found myself reaching for more and more recently. 

Have you ever used Mandragore? What kind of scents do you like?

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