Soap & Glory - ''Scrub Actually''


Soap and Glory is the kind of brand that over the last few years has firmly earned its place among my top 10 most commonly received Christmas gifts (thats not a complaint) I always end up getting at least one (usually more) products from their vast range. I have tried many of their scrubs (Flake Away, The Scrub Of your life, The Breakfast Scrub) So I was keen to try this. I have always liked the scent of Soap and Glory products, they carry the same scent through most of them range so I was surprised to not find the same familiar smell coming from the bottle when I tried this. It has a much more fruity scent, kind of like berries but zesty too. The consistency is thick and very generous with the exfoliating sugar inside so you don't need much product to get a good coverage over your skin. I would say however that this feels slightly oily when you first use it, as I have dry skin you would think this would only be of service to me, but no, Soap and Glory products in the past have a habit of leaving oil on my skin when I'm using it, then being OVERLY dry afterwards but they cause my skin to go berserk, and yet I still want to love them, so I'm just about willing to try any of their products. 

The beads of sugar come out my the dozen, literally, you will have so much of the product before you know it! They spread around the skin well, although they can be quite sharp so I would avoid scrubbing hard! It leaves your skin smelling really rather good, the smell sticks around for quite a while too. The beads of sugar are easy to wash off and will break down after around 30 seconds of so of scrubbing.

This product as of yet has not solved my quest for a Soap & Glory product that doesn't totally hate my skin, but then again this is just my skin type. It does remove any dry skin I have, it just also in turn dries my skin out.. so I guess its swings and roundabouts. Although this is my favourite of the Soap and Glory scrubs I have tried.

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