MUA Palette - ''Glamour Nights''


  • MUA ''Glamour nights'' £4 from Superdrug/MUA website

Another palette from my new favourite eyeshadow brand MUA (Make Up Academy). This new found obsession with this brand began when I purchased my Heaven & Earth Palette (review here). So when my boyfriends sister Becka (LOVE TO HER) picked me up the Glamour Nights palette I could not have been more excited.

This palette has a good mix of colours. Some are really quite bright like the bright pink in the far right of the photo and the matte lilac next to it. These colours totally threw me, and I'm still not sure how I would wear them, particularly the pink. Even the black scares me a little, I will go for the darkest browns, but black has always been difficult for me so I was wary when I went to swatch these shades for the first time.

However, I absolutely fell in LOVE with this palette as I moved along the colours and putting them onto the back of my hand. The top row are all colours I would wear pretty much any day. The metallic purple and the deep petrol green next to it are shades I absolutely fell in love with. I don't usually wear coloured eye shadows, I tend to stick to natural browns and earth tones so this would make a perfect alternative and I can see myself wearing both of these often, the same goes for the shimmery silver. I use Sunbeam by Topshop (review here) under my tear ducts if I want a softer dewy look so I think the silver would be a really good alternative for me.

The bottom colours were also very appealing when I had swatched them, The black shade is matte and easy to build on (I needed a few swipes to get the colour shown here) so it isn't as daunting as I originally thought. I adore the gold and the green, the metallic style of a lot of these shades make me feel less intimidated by them. I would definitely wear both of these shades.

The pink shade is the only one I'm still not sure about. The pigmentation in this colour is delightful, its vibrant and consistent without using too much product (so I guess that makes it economical too!) but its just a little TOO bright for me. Although a beautiful shade, I struggle to think of a way I could wear it.

I think this is another wonderful palette from MUA, its amazing value at £4 and this shade range really shows that these are not products to be sniffed at, they feel alot more expensive than they are and I'm going to be expanding my collection further. Have you tried any MUA cosmetics?

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