MUA - Heaven & Earth Palette.


MUA - Heaven & Earth palette - £4 from Superdrug

I recently purchased MUA's Heaven & Earth palette. I know this is kind of 'all-over-the-blogsphere' at the moment so I will keep my thoughts short.

I went into my local Superdrug to see if I could find this and I was really happy to see they have just got a lovely new MUA wall of products! Lots of the product rails were still empty (*cries*) and I specifically went in looking for the ''undressed'' palette (AKA the poor girls substitute for Urban Decays much coveted Naked 2 set) but alas they did not have it... (although I got a nice text message from my boyfriends sister telling me she went in and saw it so picked one up for me.. so special shout out to her!!!) So this one was my alternative.

The palette is a really lovely mix of earthy browns and light creamy shades. Some are matte in finish and some are shimmery. I quite like this mix as a prefer to layer shimmery eyeshadows over a matte base!

These are swatches of the top row of colours. As you can see the first four (if you can see them) are really sheer and shimmery shades, which I personally love as they are great everyday shades and really flattering. The last two are much more matte (though the orange has some shimmer in it) and are again great flattering shades. The chocolate brown is easy to smudge and blend to give a nice smokey eye look. I'm not sure personally where or if I could wear the tangerine shade... any suggestions?

This is the second row of colours, again lighter shades through to darker shades. Some shimmery and some matte. I much prefer the burnt orange tone second to last as I think its more wearable than the above orange shade.

Overall I personally really like this palette, the colours are flattering wear-all kind of colours with a great colour payoff. The BEST part is these palettes are only £4 from Superdrug which really is a bargain!!

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