H&M Smokey Eye Brush


  • H&M - Smokey Eye Brush - £1.99

When I had a little browse over the H&M online sale. (when will H&M get a decent online site by the way?) I saw this little double ended 'Smokey Eye Brush' and added it to my cart. I needed a new angled brush and It was £1.99.. so really I couldn't very well pass it by. I've used H&M's makeup brush range before (I have a foundation brush/powder brush duo from them always lurking in my makeup bag). The brushes they stock are of reasonable quality; as in, they get the job done, and cheap.

The main 'Smokey' side (in my opinion) is made up of a short stubby soft little brush which I actually really like. I haven't got a brush like this within my eye makeup collection and most of them are really soft and fluffy  designed to apply lots of colour over the lid. This little brush is perfect for under my eyes, to pull a little colour down and to blend in the inner crease of my lid. Its soft but firm which allows for really precise application. 

This side of the brush is the main side I've been using since I purchased this duo. Its also firm but soft and allows for a really controlled application. I use this mainly on my eyebrows to pull a bit of dark shadow through it to make them darker. This does the job nicely, the angled edge lets me make good lines and add a little colour where I need to.

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