Chanel - Soleil Tan De Chanel


  • Chanel - Soleil Tan De Chanel - RRP £34.00

Chanel Released two bronzers for summer 2012 (shades 907 and 917)This is shade 917 ''Sabel Rose'' which is suited to lighter skin tones.

This product has 7 strips of colour running through it including a gold shimmer to act as a highlight (although its quite subtle despite how much the light has caught the shimmer in these photos). 

Its quite a light product and from what I've read both shades are on the more subtle end of the bronzer spectrum so they both sound very wearable. This bronzer is good for everyday wear and adds a really subtle shimmer of colour so can be applied all over the face. The added shimmer in the gold strip helps the product to have a really easily blended look.

I think this is a really lovely product, the powder is soft and luxurious on the skin. At £34 its really not a cheap purchase and I think there are other bronzing bricks and quads out there that have an equally nice colour pay off (like the Collection 2000 quads) but the mirror is nice and big and the cute little brush saves space if your travelling.

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