Chanel - Nail colour - ''Graphite''


  • Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in ''Graphite'' - RRP £26.00

 This is one of my absolute favourite nail polishes ever. I don't usually like glitter polishes, I find them messy, inconsistent and I don't often have the patience to wait for them to dry, but Chanel's 'Graphite' Nail colour is a glitter style polish which has given me an entirely new outlook on such items. 

The glitter in Graphite is so fine it almost looks like liquid silver when you apply it, its absolutely bursting with tiny shimmering particles which make this polish look more metallic than glittery. Though up close you can see the tiny specks of glitter which build up to create a really quite dazzling effect.

It takes about two coats to get a really full coverage, anything more than that I personally feel you would just be building on something that doesn't need to be built on. I have worn this before with just one coat, it gives a much more opaque look which isnt unpleasant and doesn't look like you left the house too quick without finishing your nails either. I do, usually however wear two coats for a full 'dipped-in-metal' look.

As with all Chanel polishes you will get a good few days wear out of them before you notice any major chipping. Because of the tiny glittered specks in this nail polish I would recommend a base coat as its reasonably difficult to remove and does leave tiny shimmering specks on your nails if you don't remove it well enough.

Its quite an expensive nail polish, at £26.00 per bottle there are cheap alternatives out there that give a metallic finish, however I think the Chanel polish has a really unique way of creating that metallic look on the nail so I would probably purchase this again over another brand.

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