Ombre Nails - DIY.


DIY Ombre Nails

What you will need
  • Two contrasting or similar nail polish colours - (two in similar shades like I have used here work well.)
  • A small sponge (or part of one from a big one)
  • Some kind of plastic - Plastic bag or folder wallet.
  • Nail scissors
  • A file
  • Nail polish remover.
  • Any additional decorations such as gems or glitter (optional)

So today I'm going to a quick ''how to'' or DIY post about how I do my Ombre nails.. I know there are a few tutorials out there already and people have some variation of how they do it but here is mine!

I decided to use two Models Own polishes one in 'Top Turquoise' and the Other in 'Jade Stone' (Models Own polishes are currently on offer at Boots 2 for £8!) 

I'm also using fake nails, I would usually use my own natural nails as seen in my other posts where I talk about nail colours but right now I'm trying out some Broadway Nails in order to review them in a few days.. besides that I'm also a sucker for smudging my polish and as this requires lots of 'layers' using false nails is safer for somebody like me! I would also recommend using false nails if you find painting your own nails difficult as it gives you total control over what your doing, the tabs on these particular nails are good to hold whilst you work!

The first thing you should do is paint your nails (or false nails if your using them) your chosen base colour. I know some people chose to use their darker colour first but I prefer using the lighter tone first as its easier to layer dark on light and I like having the light tone towards my cuticle. I used 'Jade Stone' as my base colour.

You will then need to take your darker colour (in this case my darker colour was 'Top Turquoise'. I used a piece of packing tape doubled over to create my 'plastic' but you can use a plastic bag or maybe a clear folder wallet (basically anything that wont stain or cause anything to stick to the polish). Then take a small sponge and lightly dab the top into the darker polish.

Try and hit the top of the nail (or bottom depending on what direction you want the Ombre to be strongest) first with the most amount of polish, then as you go down the nail the Ombre should get 'weaker' so apply less pressure.

This next step is entirely optional but here is a good time to add any ''extras'' you might want to. I dusted a small amount of fine glitter over the nails focusing on the 'join' between the colours.

Then finish by putting some clear polish over the top of all the nails just to protect them and your ready to go!

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