The Porefessional - Benefit - Primer & Pore minimiser


I have a Glamour Magazine subscription so you can imagine my delight when I found they were once again giving away trial sized Benefit products.

The slight downside of having a subscription means you cannot pick the gift you receive. Having tried one of Benefits Primers before (That Gal - Primer and Highlighter) I had really hoped to get the mascara as although I felt That Gal was great for under my eyes, my cheek bones and the sides of my forehead (all places of usually put highlighter) it made my skin feel really oily!

I did receive The Porefessional - I put off trying it for a little while but popped it in my makeup bag, then about a week ago, I got it out and used a bit!

I was really impressed with this product, I can't say for me personally it's noticeably reduced any pores (though mine are quite small) but it felt like silk on my skin, I really loved the way it felt after my moisturiser as really made my skin feel pampered.

My foundation was smoother on the skin and a little bit more of The Porefessional really helped to ease any shine I might have in the day!

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