Iconemesis - Teacup Case


Recently Iconemesis sent me a beautiful new Iphone 4S case, and I thought I would tell you all a little bit more about how I've been getting on with my new phone cover for the last two weeks.

Iconemesis gave me a selection of gorgeous cases to chose from and as they collaborate with some really amazing artists I felt it was only appropriate that I select one that showcases the unique selection of artists they represent.

I don't usually like hard cases, I've worked in two different phone stores in my life and I've seen so many simply break when the phone is dropped so I personally usually select silicone cases as I feel they have a more 'shock absorbing' feel to them when I occasionally drop my phone. However, I was really pleasantly surprised by the case when it arrived. The plastic is sturdy and solid, but at the same time not too bulky and didn't add too much weight to my phone. The case also fitted well around my phone; I have a white 4s which is just slightly larger than the black one so that can changethe fit but it was snug and even all around.

The design selection was also something I found great delight in, the colours are vibrant and I have not seen anybody else with a case like it! The price of this particular case featuring artwork from Fifi Lapin is only £24.99 so its a good price for such a high quality cover.

Overall I'm really loving my new Iconemesis case!

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